Monday, March 12, 2012

Saving embryos, no matter what life choices they'll make

When I got in my car to leave work on Friday, the car in front of me had a curious bumper sticker.

Among all the other stickers this person had on their car praising Atheism, one had the text, "May the embryo you save grow up gay and proud."

The message was baffling. What did that have to do with anything? And then it dawned on me that the person was pointing out the alleged hypocrisy that some Christians have. Love unborn babies, but hate adults who have different moral viewpoints.

It is something that we in our Christian communities need to be more mindful of. When we strongly fight for the lives of unborn children, we need to show that same kind of love (not necessarily acceptance) and compassion toward others, no matter what views they have. Love your enemies, as Christ said.

That said, the bumper sticker was one of the dumbest bumper stickers I'd ever seen. I'm going to assume that the person is pro-choice for just a moment. If that is the case, that the child should grow up "gay and proud," then shouldn't that person be super pro-life? It sounds like the person wants more gay and proud people in the world, so why do something that would hinder that from happening? Abortion doesn't just kill people who will engage in heterosexual relationships, it kills those who will go on to be in homosexual relationships.

"May the embryo you save grow up to be gay and proud." First we have to ensure that embryo gets a chance to do so. A more fitting bumper sticker should be, "May that embryo we save grow up to be loved no matter what."

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  1. It always boggles my mind that the LGBT community hasn't jumped on the prolife bandwagon wholeheartedly. When they (and it sounds like science is getting closer by the week) finally identify the gene that determines sexual orientation, what do you think is going to happen?
    My understanding is that 90% of babies identified with down-syndrome in utero are aborted.

    Good, insightful post.


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