Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nine Days Later

It feels like so many changes have happened.

Wow, did I really start a post about being a newborn father in such a cliche fashion? I might as well write that it's a dark and stormy night.

Thing is, every cliche about being a new parent is true. No sleep. Gutted personal time. Losing track of days. All of that has happened with Lucy Amelia Faber's arrival last week. However, here are a few more things that I didn't anticipate.

• Everyone around me is suddenly a worse driver than before. When I had Lucy in the car with me on the way home from the hospital, every person around me drove like a crazed lunatic straight out of Arkham Asylum. Perhaps it's just being nervous about a new passenger in the car, but I swear that truck in front of me did not pass his driving test.

• Mornings are a lot more fun. My workday actually starts at 11:30. Three months ago, I'd sleep until 9:23. Now? I'm up no later than 8:0. Perhaps it's just a phase that will go away when Lucy starts sleeping in, but I doubt it: It's nice being up early, as I feel a lot more productive.

• Energy is a precious commodity. Remember my Lenten goal of no food or drink during daylight hours? Yeah, not happening now. Before baby was born, I was able to handle that with ease.  But now, so much energy is demanded to take care of Lucy that I need to find another sacrifice to make. Perhaps a rosary twice a week is in the cards.

It's a learning experience for sure. But it's one that I'm really embracing.

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  1. Congratulations! Such a sweet post! Enjoy this VERY special time in your lives!


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