Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Quick Takes #3

--- 1 ---

It has been a while since I blogged in general, even longer since posting a quick take! Sorry about that. The last month or two of pregnancy really drained me and I basically spent my evenings horizontal on the couch!

--- 2 ---

Baby Lucy arrived one day after her due date.  I spent the whole day in labor (starting at 4am) and at 10:30 pm the doctor said a c-section was in order. at 11:08pm on 2/28/12 Lucy Amelia Faber entered the world.  Yes, 52 minutes shy of Leap Day! Yes, we finally picked a middle name!

--- 3 ---

The one thing I have learned in my short 3 weeks of being a new mother is: Don't beat yourself up if you change your mind. I went into parenthood with all kinds of ideas about what I would and wouldn't do with my baby... Then the baby came, and cried, and got jaundice, and wouldn't eat right, and has congestion.  Basically there is no choice but to reevaluate priorities-  Changing your mind about how you are going to do things doesn't make you any less of a parent. 

--- 4 ---
Breastfeeding is HARD in the beginning.  It really does get easier, but it sucks in the beginning (three weeks in and it still kinda sucks.)  I never though I would discuss my sore nipples with so many people in such a short amount of time.  Some tips for you ladies who want to be mothers one day: Nipple Shields are glorious, without it I don't think we would still be breastfeeding.  There is a difference between sucking and chewing.  A pacifier is NOT the devil. A solid two hours of sleep in a row at night is not enough, but you will make due (cue pacifier).  WAKE up your husband for anything that makes you get out of bed, especially if you had a c-section.

--- 5 ---
My husband sleeps like a rock.  A snoring rock, but a rock none the less.  He said he'd change every diaper and at first I figured why wake him- I am already up feeding her, what sense did it make for both of us to be up. Turns out, it makes a difference, if I had him change her when she is done eating he can rock her back to sleep and I can already be in dreamland. Sure it takes a minute to wake him up, but taking care of a newborn while recovering from delivery takes a toll on your body. That extra 3 minutes of sleep is totally worth it.

--- 6 ---
My baby is adorable.

--- 7 ---
Sorry about all the Mommy stuff. I hope my future posts are a bit more balanced. I'm just getting used to this new "job" and had lots of stuff to get off my chest this week.  I'm very pleased I could get out a Quick Take this week, and super happy I could spend some time on the internet the last few days-it made me feel like a human again (and now Human Again from Beauty and the Beast is playing in my head)

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  1. Congrats on baby Lucy! Ten years ago I could have written the same post, minus the c-section. No one said breastfeeding was so hard, and everyone told me the pacifer was evil. I find the first two months to be the hardest, then the baby gets more scheduled and things begin to balance out. She's gorgeous!

  2. Congrats on your adorable baby! Glad you're adjusting well to the new 'job.'

  3. Congratulations! As someone who is currently "hoping" I love to read the real life details so keep on posting them!!

  4. I feel human again only human again!
    Now that song is stuck in my head too :)
    And yes, your baby is adorable. So freaking cute.

  5. Don't feel bad about too much mommy stuff! That's your life now and you'll slowly balance it out! She's so pretty!

  6. Hopefully you've learned to roll to your side instead of trying to sit up? (I found it easier after my c-section.)

  7. Jen, I never really got the hang of rolling to sitting. I could roll to my side, but I still had to get up to feed the baby or go to the bathroom. All the nurses were surprised how I was up and around so soon after surgery, but the trick was to never lay back down all the way. Sitting to Standing was way easier than Lying to Sitting.


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