Monday, January 9, 2012

New Years/Hanukkah Wreath

I've been watching all my sisters in law having fun making wreaths they saw on Pinterest, and I was inspired. I wanted to make a wreath out of things I already had. Looking around my craft room I found some old stretchy fabric that I used for a blanket. I was having trouble sewing the fabric so it was the perfect one to use for this project. 

-I used a green floral wreath for this because it is the only one my local store had

1) cut the fabric into 2 inch wide strips (totally didn't measure and no need for straight edges)

2) tie the ends of the fabric together. With this fabric it wasn't necessary to make bows, but if you are using a stiffer fabric it may be more aesthetically pleasing. 

3) wrap, wrap, wrap  I tucked the first edge and overlapped the second edge of the fabric strips so the raw edges don't show.  The glue gun was helpful in getting the fabric coverage behind the bows. 

4) I simply glued the end point and did an extra wrap and knot to form a hanging loop. This may not be as easy if using a stiffer (cotton) fabric, again I was using a stretchy fabric. You could simply make a hanging loop around your wreath.  

5) add buttons to the some of the bows (to mimic a holly type look) or of course felt flowers would look great too.

 Hang and enjoy.

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  1. Adorable! I love this! Thank you for sharing your link with me :)


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