Saturday, August 28, 2010

allicia's august update

I have been running myself ragged the last few weeks. Two weekend trips to Massachusetts in three weeks takes a toll on a person, even one who has made the trip around 40 times. I was sick all week and couldn't afford to take a day off of work. *the think about working for my parents is that when I can't work it doubles their load* Needless to say, today was supposed to be a rest and relax day.

I completely forgot about a meeting to see a reception location, lucky for me my handy iPod reminded me about 30 minutes before the appointment and I made it. Actually, quite a nice place, great location right off the highway, only a few minutes from the church and near a few restaurants and gas stations. This place actually quoted me the discounted rate for guests. She was the first one to actually provide that information up front. I have seen maybe 7 places, emailed about 10 more and have ruled out about 14. It would be so much easier doing this if dustin were here, but God's plan is unfolding in His time not ours. I didn't know how hard these beginning steps would be. I was always so worried about all the little details that come near the end of the planning I had no idea these first few decisions would be so difficult.

I decided against going back to organizing like I had originally planned for my rest day... how is organizing resting?- I know, but it needs to be done. I have way too many started craft projects and not nearly enough finished ones. Thus, the organizing! Rather than take on that task I decided to finish one of my wedding projects. I am a crafty person, and always felt it unnecessary to buy things that were clearly easily made at home.

Today's venture was to finish up the Save The Date magnets. We have geekily been altering the cards for the right font and for the logo to fit right. He's a Mac and I'm a PC so we have been having technical issues that I sometimes still don't understand.

Being that our wedding will take place in Pennsylvania and our families are mostly in Massachusetts and Arkansas, we plan to spread the word early. Custom and tradition are a bit different from North to South so if someone doesn't receive a save the date in the mail please don't be offended. Most people are being informed through our wedding website, email, and phone calls.

I am having a lot of fun playing with different tools and paper. There is a whole drawer of ribbon awaiting my command. I am starting to dream up the invitations but we are still working on the guest list. I knew I had a large family, but never really grasped how large until I wrote everyone's name on paper.

259 days to go!


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