Thursday, August 26, 2010

My First Love...

As much as I try to forget it there was a time before dustin. I had to do something to pass my time waiting for the man of my dreams. What ever could I do to keep myself busy until my prince appeared? well, I crafted and I shopped. I have the best place for both of those things right here in the harrisburg area. The Hodge Podgery a shop run by a mother-daughter team specializing in local, handmade, and upcycled products. What in the world does that mean? Well, artists and crafters in the area can sell their wares at the shop. If they happen to reuse items that might have wasted away for millions of years in the dump they have just added upcycle to their resume. I am a huge supporter of this cause. I think Jess and Dawn (co-owners) are doing an amazing job of getting the word out about the shop. They offer classes and take home demonstrations. The shop has even branced out to the other local scenes and started a roadshow type event near the Broad Street Market on some Saturdays.

Ok, so the nitty-gritty, the WHY I posted this here, on our wedding blog...
Calligraphy Class! They are offering a calligraphy class in September. Brilliant! It is perfect timing, in my quest to plan an awesome wedding. I was planning on printing labels on the computer, but now I can hand write the addresses on the envelopes and it will actually look nice compared to my regular handwriting which can be questionable.

I also plan to do quite a bit of shopping there in the coming months for some gifts. The have an adorable selection of baby items. Awesome jewelry for special people in the wedding party and so many other things I could never get bored shopping there. I cannot wait for my handsome husband-to-be to get up here to Pennsylvania so I can drag him there and point out all the lovely gifts he can get me (wink wink hunnie)

As my business cards say "Writer, Crafter, and Social Media Lover" -the Hodge Podgery just feels like home to someone like me.


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