Tuesday, August 31, 2010

what a man!

I was having a bad day yesterday. It is our busiest day at work, the phones don't stop ringing all day. I hadn't slept well the night before- more crazy dreams. Been a bit stressed about the wedding planning at this point in the game-who knew making a list and finding a reception hall would be so hard. anyway, dustin calls me on his lunch everyday (one of the reasons I love him) and always asks me about my day. I couldn't really talk due to the work load waiting for me, and told him about my hectic morning. Told him that I loved him and missed him and would talk to him later...

Later, a delivery showed up. Red roses and baby's breath (dustin LOVES baby's breath) ... I tell you what, I love this guy all the time, but he really knows how to kick me into overdrive. It was the sweetest thing. I totally needed a pick me up and since he isn't here to give me a hug he sent flowers.

Just one more reason I love him (add it to the list with the other 754 reasons!)

Happy 7 month anniversary of going to Ikea and the airport for the first time!


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