Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Getting Active

I'm trying to find ways to increase my activity level without feeling like I am on an exercise conveyor belt.. Insert our new favorite game: Memory Yoga

This game is fantastic.  We've played several times already.  It comes in a sturdy box with a slide out tray.  Super for keeping all the pieces together.  The memory tiles are thick and very good quality. When we only have time for a short game we just chose less tiles.  The slide out box makes this even easier by not having to get the box apart which always seems to be the hardest part about playing memory in our house.  

We are learning new poses and really enjoying playing, while secretly exercising.  It might seem silly, but I love how low pressure it is.  Yoga videos and classes can seem overwhelming when you are a beginner.  And can you even imagine taking your preschooler to a grown-up yoga class... I know mine would get us kicked out before it even started, kids are meant to wiggle and giggle.  It isn't easy to find a kids yoga class.

Lucy trying out Tree Pose
This has been a great way to teach my daughter that staying healthy IS fun.  We aren't worried about how perfect our poses are.  We are able to be goofy when we are trying a funny pose.  We are able to giggle about momma not touching her toes.  We make up names for the poses even though they have 'real' names.  We are really having a blast playing with this game. 

Flynn hasn't quite worked out Plank Pose yet
Even Flynn gets in on the action... well, for a while anyway.  He tires much quicker than us girls!

Get  your own here:  Memory Yoga by ThinkFun

Disclaimer:I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.



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