Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Planner addiction

eating sushi amd playing with washi tape...trendy? Fad? Read on!
 I'm not usually one to jump on a bandwagon. I'm more the type that's kinda hanging half off the back of the bandwagon and no one really minds that I'm there because I don't take up that much room...yeah, wierd analogy, but it works. Point being: sometimes it seems like I just jumped on because I start speaking up, but really I've been there all along just minding my own business.

So yeah, filofax, washi, stickers, stamps...its a "new" trend that is really picking up speed.  I've ALWAYS,like for real, ALWAYS been in love with stationary and office supplies. I have an unhealthy love of sticky notes. That line in You've Got Mail about the bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils; makes me swoon. My husband bought me GIANT paper clips and a huge Sharpie for Christmas last year and I fell in love with him all over again. 

Like I said: addiction. Unhealthy. Call it a family trait. 

So why am I confession all of this to you? Well, dear friends. I recently was given my most coveted office supply!!!! My secret, never in a million years would I have been able to buy it for myself, dream item! A patent leather, pink, a5, filofax. (Yes, my dreams actually specify the size of the paper) you don't even understand. ITS PINK. AND PATENT LEATHER!!! Like the two things God created just for me! (Other than my spouse and children obviously) and someone just gave it to me. Out of the goodness of their heart. How awesome is that person? Totally awesome (and super thanks to you again dear friend K) 

Soooo preeeeetty, soooooo shiiiiiny, sooooo piiiiink!
 So now I have my dream planner and I will decorate and organize and doodle my patent pink heart out. And thusly share it with all of you!  I'll be joining up with my very lovely friend at For Love of Cupcakes as she hosts a linkup each week for us "crazy planner ladies"

For now, a few pictures to hold you over until I can compose actual thoughts and photos of layouts, every week! 

Update: I finally got a few minutes to finish this week's spread... I present to you: week 11! Originally when it was empty it was just so cute with the green stripes and cute stars... As I started putting in appointments, notes, and such it got a little messier but still terribly cute! 


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