Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I cooked! Chapter 1

I dont really cook.  My italian grandmother is probably rolling over in her grave.

This "experiment" of dustin being away and me being on my own with the kids for just a little while requires that either we all gain 30lbs on take out, or i get off my duff and use the kitchen...
Thus I present to you: I cooked! Chapter 1... Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

It might not look pretty but it was tasty!! 
Do you love my pretty dishes that we got for our wedding (4 years ago, can you believe it!)

I basically used this recipe for Hawaiian BBQ Chicken that I found on Pinterest... all hail mighty Pinterest! (Follow me!
I made a few slight alterations-
2 chicken breasts
A can of pineapple chunks(I did not drain them) 
Sweet Baby Ray's (regular) barbecue sauce which of course I didn't measure. Just sort of squirted it on there till it looked good. 
Popped in on low while I went to work. 
Shredded it a bit before placing it on a bed of Uncle Ben's 90 minute chicken rice 
It was good! I would make it again. The chicken was still moist, the pineapples were so yummy. 

Dustin isn't a huge fan of BBQ chicken from the crockpot, so normally I wouldn't force something on him the first time I made it... Unless it was good, this was good! So, sorry hun, I'll be making this for you!  


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