Sunday, August 11, 2013

19 days of Jars of Clay: 16. Show You Love

On Aug. 27, Jars of Clay will release a new album called Inland. To pass the time, I am going to count down my favorite 19 Jars of Clay songs, one per day (not including anything from Inland).

Agree? Disagree? That's fine. This isn't a concrete list, and I'm sure if you made a good case for my rankings being out of sync, I'd admit my own fault. But I'm judging these based on my history with the band and what sounds good to me. The most important thing, dear listener, is to get your hands on this music and listen for yourself.

If they changed my life, I'm sure they'll at least sound great in your stereo.

Here we go!

No. 16: Show You Love

At the time, I was really into Adam Sandler movies (I think it's a phase we all go through), and when I saw the trailer for the movie Spanglish, I heard Jars of Clay at the end and about lost my mind.


It actually is incredible, and I still get giddy with excitement when I see acts perceived as Christian get airplay outside of Christian radio. If any a band deserves that, it's Jars of Clay (more on their songs being played in commercials later in the countdown).

The guitar in the first 30 seconds is simple, yet very effective when paired with lead singer Dan Haseltine's vocals. It's also one of those faith songs that doubles as a great romantic ballad.

If I have any criticism of the song (OMG he's capable of criticizing Jars of Clay!), it's that it does have that early 2000s generic Christian music vibe. I don't think this song really stands apart from the other songs you'll hear on Christian radio the way their other stuff does (the new stuff on Inland completely blows this song away). It still stands as a great song, perfect for a date on Saturday and church on Sunday, and was good enough to make the countdown (and also send me scurrying from store to store trying to find their album Who We Are Instead)

And good enough for a mediocre Adam Sandler romantic comedy.


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