Saturday, August 10, 2013

19 days of Jars of Clay: 17. Love Will Find Us

On Aug. 27, Jars of Clay will release a new album called Inland. To pass the time, I am going to count down my favorite 19 Jars of Clay songs, one per day.

Agree? Disagree? That's fine. This isn't a concrete list, and I'm sure if you made a good case for my rankings being out of sync, I'd admit my own fault. But I'm judging these based on my history with the band and what sounds good to me. The most important thing, dear listener, is to get your hands on this music and listen for yourself.

If they changed my life, I'm sure they'll at least sound great in your stereo.

Here we go!

17. Love Will Find Us
From the album "Jars of Clay Presents The Shelter"

I really couldn't decide if I wanted to put this or Run In The Night in this spot, both from the same Shelter album. I went with this version for two reasons, well a third if you count personal experience. Reason number one is the contribution of the amazing Matt Maher and Sara Groves on this track, especially Groves. The female vocal during the chorus really puts this one over the edge.

Reason number two is the steel guitar used throughout the song. It gives me that eerie feeling of driving alone on an empty road in the middle of the night. A beautiful, yet haunting sound.

The third reason? I saw Jars of Clay do this song in concert in Pennyslvania a few years ago, and hearing it live was just outstanding: the lighting setup was dark, as if they read my emotional state when listening to the song for the first time.

The song has a powerful message. "Child of all creation, don't let the world define you. If you can't remember who you are, let these words remind you, on the path of the empty handed, you will speak to the heart of the abandoned." That could be my favorite line of lyrics from any song. I love lyrics like that: they're just about worthy of being included in the book of Psalms. Hopefully someday I can be just as good of a writer.


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