Sunday, July 22, 2012

Episode XIII: Social media mistakes to avoid

In this episode, I talk to Brandon Vogt about social media mistakes Catholics make. On Twitter and Facebook, I kept reading about things that Catholics need to do when it comes to new media, but I haven't heard what things to avoid. Some things Brandon lists:

• Social Media has to be a two-way engagement. Listen to others, don't do all the talking.
• Treating social media like print media (i.e. wording things like a press release instead of a conversation)

We also talk about the .catholic domain purchase by the Vatican and go over the positives (great way to show that a Web site is legit Catholic) and the negatives (people might not stumble onto a .catholic site the way that they would a .com site).

We wrap things up with the usual video game banter. Brandon is a great guy, and I hope to have him on live from the Catholic New Media Celebration in Dallas.

Click here to listen.


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