Sunday, September 11, 2011

Short 9/11 thoughts

Many others have said more elegant things about the subject than I ever could.

I didn't live in NYC, Shanksville, Pa., or Washington D.C. on September 11. I didn't lose any loved ones, so I can't identify with the horror of this day like thousands of others unfortunately can.

But I still remember that morning. I'm still heartbroken over what took place, and my prayers go up for the victims and their families on a regular basis.

The one thing I'll remember about that morning is telling my mom at 8:30 p.m. ET (30 min or so before the attack) something we both remember vividly 10 years later.

"Mom, I wish we were back in NYC today," I told her as she was brushing her teeth, me about to go to school (I was a senior in high school, and going to school that day still remains one of my top 5 regrets).

The thing is, even after those attacks, I don't take back that statement. I wished we were in New York City on that day. Maybe we could have helped. Or stood side by side with someone in mourning over the attacks. Being in NYC (or D.C. or Shanksville) that day and witnessing the willpower of those citizens would have been a powerful reminder that this country is strong, and will not take this lying down.

So I continue to pray, even during those moments of doubt. Pray for those who lost their lives. Pray for our country. Pray that she gets stronger by ridding herself of all evil, be it terrorism from afar, or abortion inside her borders.

God bless us all.


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