Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Nursery theme wish-list

Allicia and I made a deal. If the child we're having is a boy, then I get majority say-so on the theme of the nursery. If it's a girl, she gets the majority say-so.

With that in mind, I'm preparing for the possibility of coming up with what to decorate the room in. I love that little kid already, and I want him to have the coolest nursery ever. So he can look back and say, "My dad isn't that dumb."

So here are a few themes I'd go with, and a few I absolutely hate.

Good themes

Mickey Mouse - This, I suppose, could be Disney-themed, but I especially love the classic Mickey Mouse cartoons, so Mickey would get the nod here. One of my favorite Mickey Mouse pictures is this shot of him surfing. I think my cousin Amelia had a record with this photo on the front.

True, I know this isn't the cute and cuddly photo of Mickey that is familiar to most people, but it brings back so many childhood memories.

Farm - This theme would be a nod to my parents, who live on a farm full of Cattle. Cows, chickens and pigs always make good kid decorations, and the fact that my parents are on the farm gives me access to authentic items that could really spruce up the room, such as rope, hay, or cowbells.

Space - Our boy's name will probably be named after a famous astronaut (keeping this one a secret so it doesn't leak out), so having an outer space theme would be a nice touch considering his name. Planets make good mobiles too.

Shapes - Just a bunch of crazy shapes. Circles, rectangles, all in classy patterns and colors. No smiling characters on this one, but maybe that's for the best. I'm not sure I'd want a clown staring at me in my sleep.

Bad themes

Garfield - I still love and cherish Garfield's Christmas Special. It's a yearly tradition I share with my family. That being said, those were the good old days of Garfield. Now? He's a corporate schmuck who is responsible for Bill Murray's worst film. The merchandise is over the top and everywhere. Not in my kid's room.

Hooters - Yeah I didn't think this was a possible theme either, but on this message board, a woman said that her man was actually serious about this theme. Yes, let's teach our infant child to objectify women from the crib. That will be a swell life lesson.

WWE - I love the WWE more than any sport in the world. I'm in front of the TV on every Monday night. Still, I think that even John Cena would agree that he probably wouldn't make the best nursery theme.


  1. Gotta go with the space theme! might not need a nursery. We never did.

  2. I still get to do the decorating. He forgot to mention that!

  3. You know my vote>>> Mickey Mouse! so many different ways you could do this.


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