Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breakups are scary

Today's bad day capped off a horrible week for a co-worker of mine. Since last week, her boyfriend decided that they needed to take a break from talking (which I found silly: how do you solve problems by not talking?). I'm not sure what the issue was, as we're not that close, but she did mention that the problems were mutual.

Today was the deadline set to talk, which I assumed would end up being the resumption of the relationship. Last night I told her, "Tomorrow everything will be fine, he'll say we have some things to work on, but you'll both be stronger." I then went home and prayed like crazy that the right thing would happen, and that the five-and-a-half year relationship would be salvaged.

Turns out, I was really wrong. "Clara" came to work today, and when I asked how her morning was going, all I saw was a tear-stained face, eyes drained of the normal joy she possessed.

"Not good at all," Clara replied. After about 45 minutes and a long hug and pep talk from her friend "Stacy," Clara went home.

Maybe I've forgotten what heartbreak was like, but seeing the hurt on that little girl's face hurt more than every breakup I've experienced except for one. Perhaps Clara was totally wrong: I can't make assumptions on whether her boyfriend did the right thing or not, but after seeing that pain, I can only pray that he did what God led him to do.

While praying for her healing, I thanked God so much that I don't have to experience that. Call me arrogant and selfish, but I am fully confident that I'll never have to deal with Allicia dumping me. Having her in my life and knowing that God put us together for the Sacrament of Marriage makes me so happy that I'll never know the pain of getting broken up with.

I love Allicia so much. I make plenty of mistakes, but I can guarantee that I won't make her feel like Clara did Wednesday morning.

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  1. I feel sad for her too. I pray she will be ready for the man God has chosen for her when he comes knocking. When in the midst of heartbreak it seems like there is no point, and that the light at the end of the tunnel is light years away. Once she finds the light though it will shine bright for her. dustin is my light at the end of the tunnel, and he is worth the tears and years with the wrong guys. If it weren't for the breakups of our pasts we couldn't appreciate the love that we will share forever.


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