Tuesday, March 15, 2011

60 days

Only 60 days until the wedding. Three if you're reading this on May 11.

It feels as if I've waited my whole life for this, yet I don't FEEL ready. Too much stuff to plan, not enough pay checks between now and then. I pray. Oh my God do I pray. So hopefully things will feel much better soon.

Actually I wanted to take this time to mention that today was Catholic Media day, created by The Catholic Channel's Greg and Jennifer Willits. A day when we recognize great achievements in Catholic media.

Forgive me for being conceited, but the greatest thing that Catholic media gave to the world was my fiance, Allicia. It was because of The Catholic Channel, Lino Rulli's show in particular, that I met Allicia. Without good programming and entertaining personalities, I probably wouldn've listened to The Catholic Channel for more than a few days, missing out on my chance at a Sacrament.

If that's not a testament to how important it is to put forth a great product in Catholic Media, I don't know what is. When done well, Catholic media helps people fulfill their vocation in life. It did that for Allicia and I on October 6, 2009, and I'm confident that The Catholic Channel will help others fulfill their goals in life.

Today on Greg Willit's show, he mentioned how important it was to tell people about your favorite Catholic programming. Which reminds me of our mentor couple meetings that Allicia and I recently had. They asked us how Allicia and I met.

"Well," I said, "Do you have Sirius or XM radio in your car?"

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  1. Laughing at that last line. Dan and I spared Father Will asking him whether or not he's ever had a MySpace account...it's always embarrassing to admit that we met online. I guess in the next generation it won't be so strange.


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