Friday, December 10, 2010

Turkey, Travel, and Tons of Photos

Sorry for the delay! It has been crazy around here

What a weekend! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  There's lots of food and no need for presents! What person wouldn't love that!


Chocolate and Butterscotch chips, a vital ingredient in making "Auntie Barbara's LaChoy Noodle Treats"
The noodles, and an added surprise Pecans! I had some left over from the pie.

dustin made Collard Greens this year. Very tasty. I think Melissa would like them to become part of the tradition in our family too!

Allicia made her famous speciality Pecan Pie! 
*Pecan Pie Fiasco of 2010*
My oven is okay, like not wonderful, but it works when I need to heat up chicken nuggets or a frozen pizza..
The oven decided to not cooperate with the Pecan Pie this year. Pre-heating was no issue. Pie was in there cooking away and got a nice crispy golden brown outer layer... tested the top and it seemed to spring back nicely. UNTIL, I unwrapped it from the foil at moms house. The inside had not cooked. The oven decided it wasn't going to stay on post preheat. What the HECK, man?

The before shot includes the recipe from right on the iPod. See, and you thought I only used that things to play games!

We packed Jello, Greens, Pie, Green beans, and left over borrowed vanilla to bring over to Mom and Dad Wait's house

Joey made the appetizers... A cheese and cracker Christmas tree
*looks a bit like a robot if you ask me

the dessert spread!
Joey eating his pie with a knife...
The apple pie Olivia and Alexis helped Nana Faith make, and Lex enjoying said apple pie!

This is the veiw from the scenic overlook on 84 in New York.
Peaceful and lovely... and only minutes from where Allicia got pulled over for speeding a safety violation. Thank you officer for doing your job and keeping people safe. I don't enjoy paying the $130.00 fine, but I do enjoy having my life. God Bless all the public workers.

The drive to Massachusetts was actually pretty good. We made fair time, the weather was decent.
Mom and Dad left at just about the same time, but took a different route.  We actually got to the Mass Pike at the same time! dustin didn't do any driving on the way up for two reasons... 1. I forgot until we were driving through the city traffic each time. 2. I drive faster, and the trip is long enough going the speed limit, I couldn't imagine going under the speed limit! (reason 2 and a half, I'm a control freak!)
Myrah 'driving' the car at the mall.

Katie, my best friend in Massachusetts. We've known eachother since 3rd grade. She will be one of my bridesmaids and it was important that she and dustin like eachother.  Here they are playing Dance Dance Revolution at the Bowling Alley.  dustin loves this game, I HATE IT. I was glad to see dustin and Katie have a good time playing eachother on the game.

Myrah doodle! She was loving on her baby doll.

Cliff in his robe! He is doing well since his accident and is back to work.

Joey was tired and wanted to sleep on the hallway floor!
my love dustin. 

Liv wearing Nana's shoes and the kidsswiping some snacks
Dad and Joey (notice dad's robe!) looking at something
Had to give Lex a squeeze and a kiss...          Joey and Nana

Melissa taking a self portrait with dustin's camera... I told you it wasn't easy to do!
Joey and Lexi posing for the camera

The girls love to play on this piano. Pepere insists on keeping it!

more fooling around.. this time with the GIANT pie pumpkin Nana found at the farmers market

Joey thinks cliff's transformers gear is the coolest!

Uncle Cliff = Climbing wall

The kids made masks to keep themselves busy while the grownups were BORING... ya know, having actual conversations!! Uncle Cliffy helped!

Matt has been dating a girl named Kristy and we like her very much.  Her daughter Madilynn is almost a year old. Madilynn is adorable. She is just fitting right in with the other kids. Joey and Olivia won't let her out of their site when she is visiting and Nana and I fight over who gets to hold her as soon as she walks in the door. 

 Myke and Joey

 Joey pointing like Madilynn

 The following post was written by dustin regarding the radio situation on the ride home Sunday. It can be found at our CatholicGuyShow website.  

"Last week, Lino Rulli talked about Father Leo Patalinghug's new show, "Stirring the Pot" which would air on Sunday night's at 7 p.m. eastern time during Advent. Fr. Leo always does a great job whenever he's on Greg and Jennifer Willit's morning show, so I was really looking forward to hearing it.
*photo borrowed from
"So Sunday night, as my future bride Allicia and I are driving back from visiting her family in Massachusetts, we turned to The Catholic Channel. But instead of seeing Fr. Leo's show on the display, we see the following:

"Wisconsin vs. Notre Dame. Tip-off at  7 p.m.

"Say what? This brand new show that got hyped up on the channel gets replaced by a basketball game? Good grief, that's incredibly lame.

"As a regular listener of The Catholic Channel, I've gotten used to Notre Dame sports interrupting programming. I don't mind that The Catholic Channel airs Notre Dame football, as it is almost always played on Saturdays, and does not interrupt live shows. Basketball, on the other hand, has a nasty habit of bumping Father Dave's Busted Halo Show and sometimes the last 30 minutes of Lino's show.

"Anyone remember last year's Roast of Lino Rulli? With 20 minutes left in the show, Notre Dame pre-game basketball interrupts one of the funniest segments the show ever had. Pre-game! Not an actual game, but pre-game, which is nothing more than commercials. And while that was VERY infuriating, what happened Sunday night was the straw that broke the camel's back.

"I really love The Catholic Channel. But this contract with Notre Dame sports HAS TO GO! Axe it, terminate it, please just get rid of it. Here are a few reasons why airing Notre Dame basketball makes absolutely no sense.

"1. The Catholic angle. Notre Dame is a Catholic institution. But so is Boston College. So is Georgetown. So is Holy Cross. Gonzaga too. Why doesn't the channel air their games as well? It's wildly unfair that Notre Dame is the only Catholic university that gets their games aired on the station. If I was a huge fan of any of those colleges, I'd be a little bummed out. If airing sports is a must, why not embrace the fact that you are The Catholic Channel, and air different Catholic college sports? That's a suggestion, however, that I hope they don't take me up on, because of reason number two.

"2. This is a religious station. I love sports. I watch the same NFL Network show all morning (on mute with Gus on the radio, obviously). I live and die by Boston Celtics wins and losses, and I'm still a little grumpy about the mediocre season the New England Revolution had. But if I want sports on Satellite Radio, I have plenty of options. ESPN, Mad Dog Radio, a ton of play-by-play options. When I turn to The Catholic Channel, I don't want sports: I want religious programming that will inspire and entertain me. Sometimes when I get off of work, I need a little pick me up. And hearing basketball in place of faith/fun is a real bummer.

"3. No promotion at all. Ever listen to a Notre Dame event? Despite it being on The Catholic Channel, there's absolutely ZERO promotion for any of the channel's shows. You won't hear commercials for Lino, Fr. Dave or Bob Dunning during the game. It's all commercials for sports, xerox printers, etc. They totally hijack the channel. Notre Dame sports does not bring new listeners to the channel, because other than the receiver saying "The Catholic Channel," you'd never know you were listening to a religious station. If they're going to take over the station, at least throw a bone to the shows that are getting bumped.

"4. It's everywhere else. It's not as if The Catholic Channel is hiring its own people to braodcast Notre Dame sports. They're all done by the Notre Dame sports network, which means the games are available everywhere. There are plenty of open play-by-play channels on Sirius XM that could easily broadcast the game. It shouldn't be done at the expense of programming that regular listeners love.

"In closing, I beg and plead with those who run The Catholic Channel: Please stop airing Notre Dame sports during live/new programming. It does nothing but anger your listeners and interrupt shows that we enjoy so much. Notre Dame isn't the only Catholic university, so it's wildly unfair that they get all of their games aired when others don't. Aside from that, they don't promote The Catholic Channel during events, there's space on other stations for it, and I would dare say that most listeners change the channel when it comes on the air.

"We're a lot more interested in faith than a preseason basketball game."


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