Friday, December 10, 2010

Searching for the perfect Honeymoon spot

It's no surprise to anyone who knows us that we are on the very defintion of a shoe-string budget. I'm doing my best to save up money for the wedding, but that seems like fighting a losing battle at times.

Regardless, while Allicia is stressing out about wedding stuff, I'm bogged down by a Honeymoon destination. Thankfully, I am marrying an amazingly understanding woman who has left it to me to surprise her about where we go.

I know the important thing is that we're together. In a world where money isn't a problem, our dream trip would be a train ride across the country to Seattle, with our own little cabin, and a stay in a bed and breakfast while touring one of America's greatest cities. However, if we took that trip, I don't think we'd enjoy it because we'd be pinching pennies so hard and a train ride like that would look better in the fall, instead of early summer.

SOOOOO what to choose? Here are some ideas that I have. The key is to make sure we can drive there: Flying is too expensive.

1. Niagara Falls.
A very awesome idea. Beautiful falls, a quiet area, and a drive through Canada would be great. It's not too far from home, and would be relatively inexpensive.

2. Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach is a beautiful city as well. I used to live there (twice), so going back to my elementary school would be amazing. However, since my sister will be living there, it's a trip we'll make often. Not sure I want to use a Honeymoon trip on someplace we'll be 2 months later.

3. Lake Erie

Getting a bed and breakfast in Lake Erie would be a fun getaway that wouldn't take all day to get to. A Bed and Breakfast just sounds crazy romantic, and being in a small-town setting would be an extremely relaxing change of pace.

4. Harrisburg, PA
Remember that part about the important thing being that we are together? A staycation would put that notion to the test. Since my bride said to surprise her, I would probably run this one by her first. That way, she didn't have her hopes up, only to find that we are staying home. Still, we'll have just moved into a new place. It would be kinda fun and a little romantic to spend time decorating our house, making dinner/breakfast for each other, taking a day trip to Lancaster going antique shopping, etc.

So, what should I do? Do any of the options appeal to you? Or should I choose something radically different? Please tell us your suggestions!


  1. Any national park if you like nature.

    My parents told us recently that "back in their day" they went to Mexico for a month with $300 and came back with change. That was before Cozumel was a tourist resort and the drug dealers were killing people.

  2. I keep putting off getting my passport, so likely a no-go! dustin showed me his last week and the picture is hilarious. Canada might be out for that same reason.


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