Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Bride, The Groom and... The Priest

To be honest, completely honest, I was scared about going into our first meeting with the local priest about getting set up for marriage prep and filling out the necessary paperwork starting the process of our marriage in the church.  dustin and I have only known each other for just over a year.  We were dating less than 6 months before becoming engaged.  To us, our relationship seems completely natural and we wouldn't want it any other way.  To others, it may seem we are rushing.  This relationship is built on a solid foundation that includes open communication, a shared faith, and a desire to work on the hard issues as they find us.  The concern others have expressed over our quick courtship (because it was certainly treated more like a 'courtship' than the 'dating' of our peers) was my main reason for worry going into this meeting.

Father James Lease has been at St Theresa Catholic Church for a few years now.  He is funny and has a great big vault of knowledge in that head of his.  I have been going to this church since we moved to Pennsylvania in the mid 90's.  Naturally, I would want to get married there. *and I am so happy the changed the carpet a few years ago in green rather than that maroon color that was there before and would have clashed with my wedding!

The meeting went wonderfully.  We had a great time recounting out lives before meeting and it was great to re-tell the story of how we met and our courtship. We had a great time sharing stories and just might have to have Fr. Lease out to dinner sometime so we can keep the good time going.  We had to fill out a questionnaire and certify that we are able to marry, able to marry each other, and able to fulfill the duties or marriage as the Catholic Church sees it.  Fr. Lease put my worries to rest when he said his concern over our short courtship was eased by our maturity and openness.  

We have lots of fun stuff to do now... meet with our Mentor Couple to start the actual marriage prep part, attend a conference at the diocese calld "God's Plan for a Joy Filled Marriage" and dustin's favorite start working on the program.  I am excited to contact the florist and the music director at the church.  He is a great guy and I know his love of music will help us well in blending our two family styles musically at the wedding mass.

With just over 6 and a half months left I have officially ended my "wedding planning break" and will be swinging full speed ahead with dustin hanging on for dear life right behind me!

Peace and Blessings to all our friends and family,
Love Allicia

p.s. A very special shout out to our friends Heather and Bill who got engaged this weeked.  We are so thrilled for them to become a family.  Heather, Bill, and Anna- we love you guys, congratulations!


  1. I don't think you are rushing!! LOL I think you are waiting too long!! I am ready for a sister in law!!

  2. I love you JBH! Cannot wait to have a sister in law!


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