Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Allicia Update

I am so happy dustin is in Pennsylvania now.

I drove him over to look at our possible reception location and got the appropriate nod of approval "uh huh, looks good hun" in man code is "of course you picked the most amazing location, all of our guests will be so happy to celebrate our nuptials here and you will do a fabulous job decorating it" in girl language- so that is a go!

The wedding dress is paid for and will be arriving some time in December!

We are considering catering the affair ourselves and would LOVE your input (please don't be mean, constructive criticism works best.) What are some favorite foods, family recipes, munchie must haves that you would be interested in seeing (and eating?) We are still in the research phase of this possible scenario and reserve the right to change  my our mind.

Next up on the agenda:
-Looking at Menswear
-Meeting with the Priest (this will surely become an update)

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