Friday, April 20, 2018

7 Quick Takes: Zelda Edition

Tomorrow is our newest child's first birthday.  So here are 7 things you might not know because we can't remember to blog regularly.

1... Zelda is named for the video game, but we also like to think of Zelda Fitzgerald, Zelda Williams (daughter of Robin Williams) and Zelie Martin (Mother of St Theresa) when citing references for naming her.

2... Her middle name, Rose, comes from Lucy and from Doctor Who.  Lucy spent all of last summer obsessed with all things rose.  Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose) her farm kitten at Gammie's was named Rose, she asked to be called Rose.  So when deciding a middle name for the new baby we wanted to include Lucy in some way.  Lucy had prayed long and hard for a little sister so we thought it fitting to use Rose as a middle name in her honor.  She loves telling people that she picked Zelda's middle name and anything to bond two sisters is always a plus. 

3... Her birth was the easiest of all three.  Even though it took 12 tries, 3 people, an ultrasound machine, and numbing medicine to get the IV in it was the quickest delivery of the three.  I thank God for that... and Dr. Kalamarides. ;)

4... Zelda loves to say "mama" "dada" give kisses, and dance.  She is pulling up on everything and will stand for just long enough to realize she is standing.  I believe she will be walking by summer.  We have embraced the idea that children will do things in their own time.  Her big brother taught us that and it is a beautiful lesson to embrace.

5... Zelda LOVES her dada.  This girl is our daddy's girl.  She smiles the brightest when she sees Dustin. Oh, she smiles for everyone else, but she has an extra inch of smile for him.  It is so beautiful to see her look at him.

6... This little lady loves to be tickled.  She has an adorable laugh. 

7... I cannot believe it has been a whole year with her in our lives.  Adjusting to three kids has been interesting, but I wouldn't trade a second of it.  God is amazing in the way he allows us to love.  There is an abundance of love to be had and we are so happy to be sharing it with these amazing children. 

Please say a prayer for Zelda when you read this.  It is a true gift to pray for someone.  May my daughter always be blessed.  Happy Birthday my sweet girl.


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