Monday, December 12, 2016

Day 6: The 30-Day Video Game Challenge

Note: This is a series of posts based on some image floating around on Twitter. I felt I could talk more about my answers instead of just tweeting them.

Day 6: the most annoying video game character

I know most folks would say Navi, the fairy in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that yells "Hey! Listen!" multiple times throughout your game. But Navi's just trying to be helpful. Anyone that earnestly wants to help me save the world is far from annoying.

One of the most annoying characters I've read about in a video game is Preston Garvey. He's the reason I haven't picked up Fallout 4, despite mods available that cut down on his  annoying behavior. What does Preston do? He sends you on unlimited fetch quests, usually preceding his commands with "Another settlement needs our help!" It would seem that Preston's persistence cuts down on the ability to explore at your own leisure, something I loved about Fallout 3.

Here's to Preston, the most annoying character in gaming.

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