Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Babywearing Elsa Style

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

I recently received this baby carrier to review. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015HO0OFO I love the pattern, it reminds me of Anna from FROZEN... I can't escape that movie no matter how hard I try! Lucy is obsessed with everything that looks even remotely like Anna or Elsa would enjoy it. So of course she instantly wanted to go up in the carrier.

Now, I will mention here that the RECOMMENDED WEIGHT LIMIT for this carrier is 35lbs. Lucy is closer to 45 so I only put her up for a minute to make her happy. Surprisingly, she (and I) were very comfortable in a back carry for about 10 minutes. I didn't want to stress the carrier over its recommended weight for very long on first use so we made it a short walk around the house to check her out in every mirror (her request).

Trying this out with Flynn, I opted for a standard front carry that most will be familiar with. Flynn is about 26lbs, 15months old, and not yet walking. Because of his low muscle tone I do not use a back carry with him in general. His low muscle tone and global developmental delays are caused by a genetic condition called Koolen-deVries Syndrome. We'll be getting into that in another post, I just haven't found all the words to re-cap the last year. So, back to baby-wearing... We grabbed this cute little carrier and off to the post office we went. This is super light weight, great to toss in the diaper bag or leave in the back seat for a handy way to get baby around without dragging that dragon stroller out of the trunk. I highly recommend this style carrier for people (mom, dad, nana, sitter, anyone) who are new to babywearing and want to have their hands free to do things while keeping baby close and happy. It was great for our trip to the post office today because I needed both hands and there is never enough room to bring a stroller in that tiny building.

Now, I have additional criteria when deciding if a carrier is a good fit for us... FIT! In case you were not aware, I am not a skinny person, If fact, I am plus-sized. And not "plus size model" plus size either. I am a size 24/26 and often am very worried that investing in a carrier will end up in sadness. I was very pleased that I did not have any trouble with this carrier. I was able to securely tie a square knot/ double knot behind my back. I had enough of the arm straps to wrap and tie in the front. Most average size people are able to wrap again and tie in back, this is not the case for many plus size women, or even men with a muscular build I suppose. I felt secure with the ties. The baby was happily seated and enjoyed his ride.

This carrier has a padded portion of the shoulder. This is a nice touch. Many carriers of this style do not offer padding. A very welcome plus that fit very well in both the back and front carries with both kids. The top of the carrier also has some padding, this was a nice addition as it gave a little extra sturdiness to where the baby is being held on his back.

I did have to do some readjusting to get the straps to fit well over my shoulders the first few times, however, I believe this was user-error and not a fault of the carrier. It had been a while since I used a mei tai style carrier and I have fit issues with most carriers due to my body type. A little practice and a good wiggle/bounce/tie and the fit is resolved.

Overall, I enjoy this carrier. I think it will be our go-to for Daddy's car. I like having a carrier in each car for times when a little extra snuggling is needed when we are on the go. This carrier would be a great starter carrier. The price is great and the pattern is so adorable.

Happy Babywearing!


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