Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review A Great Game Day: Tetris

I know there are about 50 different versions of tetris.  I love most of them. Some are a tad more difficult than others. 

Today I'll specifically reference two newer versions; Tetris Party on the Wii, and Tetris Ultimate in the 3DS. 

A while back I played Tetris Party for almost 2 hours straight, scoring in the ballpark of 2 million points.  I like this version of the game because it has a beginner mode that is only 3 peices. It is so much fun. You can also play solo or against friends. Battle mode against my husband is often fun and fierce! 

Tetris ultimate on 3DS is a typical version with some cool variations in the game. I mostly play on marathon and unlimited modes when I play Tetris. It's a bit tricky for me to play in 3D but the graphics are very neat when played that way. 

Basically, I love Tetris. Now go get your game on!! 


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