Friday, August 9, 2013

19 Days of Jars of Clay: 18. Drummer Boy

In 19 days Jars of Clay will release a new album called Inland. To pass the time, I am going to count down my favorite 19 Jars of Clay songs, one per day.

Agree? Disagree? That's fine. This isn't a concrete list, and I'm sure if you made a good case for my rankings being out of sync, I'd admit my own fault. But I'm judging these based on my history with the band and what sounds good to me. The most important thing, dear listener, is to get your hands on this music and listen for yourself.

If they changed my life, I'm sure they'll at least sound great in your stereo.

Here we go!

18. Drummer Boy
From the "Drummer Boy" EP.

This isn't one of my favorite Christmas songs by any stretch of the imagination. I thought it was really depressing when hearing the line, "I have no gifts to bring." But Jars of Clay breathes new life into this song and makes me enjoy it. It's one of their earliest songs, but the harmony of the voices is amazing, as good as any gospel choir at the time.

The drumming at the beginning is very good. And the rest of the music is in the song is done in a way that makes it a song to be listened to all-year-round, not just as Xmas time.

But at Xmas time? It lights up a tree like nothing else can.


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