Friday, October 26, 2012

The Quickest Quick Take Evah! (#8)

--- 1 ---
I'm going to be quick like a bunny because every time I start getting a long flowing thought the baby makes a noise that sounds an awful lot like "Momma, I refuse to sleep any longer" and I get nervous and lose my train of thought
--- 2 ---
I started a new business selling Thirty-One.   I L-O-V-E the products and will have a give-away here and there, in the mean time I will tell you that I think everyone in the entire world needs an Organzing Utility Tote (pictured below) and my website for shopping and browsing is:

--- 3 ---
Lucy has 4 teeth... the front four teeth... the teeth with which to bite a Momma in a very special 'Momma and Lucy time' place.  And all the Mommas said "Ouch!"
--- 4 --- 
The dog got out today. She's such a pest. I was actually standing out there watching her and she went up to the fence, sniffed a little to fool me, and darted. Luckily she takes her time sniffing things and I can get to the end of the block to meet her before she gets into the street. Surprisingly, she always seems so happy to see us and comes running into our arms when we get to the end of the block.  Silly dog!
--- 5 ---
Baby is awake.  Gonna see if I can get these last two in before she gets annoyed.
--- 6 ---
Lucy will be a ladybug for halloween. I was a ladybug for the last 3 Halloweens. Yes, I love ladybugs. Yes, I got it at a yardsale. No, I will not make my husband dress up as a ladybug!
--- 7 ---
Happy Birthday to Lino Rulli.  Who's Lino Rulli? You'll have to click on The Catholic Guy to find out. It's legit I swear!

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