Friday, September 21, 2012

Podcast decisions

I've been plodding along with my podcast for a few months now, but a recent show a few weeks ago left me feeling inadequate. My guest was top of the line, but I didn't think I had much to offer. It got me thinking about what direction I want to take my show, The 16-Bit Catholic.

Now keep in mind that his is not going to result in me stopping my podcast. I volunteer at Holy Family Radio in Harrisburg, and have permission to use the studio to record shows. With that kind of access, it would be a complete waste if I didn't podcast.

No, the question is, what direction should I go? And I think I've settled on something.

Video games. Mostly retro, but gaming nonetheless. When I started my podcast a few months back, my original goal was to have Catholic leaders and "celebrities" talking about gaming and various hobbies. I thought it would be fun to hear that side of their life, as they don't usually get to talk about it very much. But along the way, I decided to try to make it a catch-all kind of show.

Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't. This isn't a shot at any guest who has ever given of their free time to be on my show. I don't think I've ever had a bad guest, as everyone has always had something interesting to say. But when you're called "The 16-Bit" and you don't bring up gaming at all, well, that seems kind of lopsided.

So I've decided to mainly focus on video games. It's my strongest suit. Ask me about politics, and I can only spout of random lines I hear on talk radio (I know where I stand on issues and where politicians do, but that's all). However, if you ask me about underrated video games from the early 1990s, I can go on all day about Robo Aleste and Panic! for the Sega CD.

However, the podcast does have a word after "16-Bit" and that's Catholic. Will I be striking all religious references from the show? Heaven forbid I do that. Most of my guests and friends are Catholic, and despite any gaming talk, will be glad to ask them about what projects they are doing for The Church (case in point: I am scheduled to have Greg Willits on the show in the next few weeks: I'm not going to ignore his work with New Evangelizers to ask him about his high score in Galaga). Plus, I do have an interview scheduled with Scott P. Richert to talk election results, so that will certainly be a rare non-gaming show.

In short, I want to focus on my best area of knowledge. And that consists of a few beeps, pixels, polygons and childhood memories galore. I am The 16-Bit Catholic, and it is my goal to bring you the best gaming show around.

With a dose of Jesus too :)


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