Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Quick Takes #6

--- 1 ---
It's been a while since I've blogged regularly.  Maybe you didn't even notice I was gone. If you did, I missed you too. If not, oh well.  I'm trying to get myself back into blogging more often. Lucy is a little older now and goes to bed around 8-which means two whole hours to be a real person before I'm exhausted.
--- 2 ---
I saw this tonight on pinterest, CLICK, and it got me thinking that little things will get me out of this funk.  I have always struggled with depression, I came off medication while pregnant and really would like to stay off of it while breastfeeding. This means I have to work at being happy. The article I linked to there has a few good tips that will take so little time each day how could I not include them in my day.
--- 3 ---
I entered Lucy in Gerber's next baby search.  Voting doesn't start till September, so get ready for me to drive you crazy asking for votes.
--- 4 --- 
The town is doing construction on my street, it has been several weeks. They are systematically working their way up and down the street... Well, yesterday they made it to my block. There are trucks, rocks, cones, and men out there daily.  The machine that breaks into the concrete is my *favorite* it shakes the whole house and makes a lovely nap-interrupting-bang-like noise!
--- 5 ---
Olympics. Since giving up cable I don't have many options during the day. It isn't so bad, I like the swimming trials. Volleyball isn't really my thing, but I do find myself rooting for team USA no matter what sport is on. Also, I wish the good stuff was on at 930 instead of 11pm. I really cannot stay up til midnight!
--- 6 ---
I cut the dog's hair yesterday, it looks HORRIBLE! I thought i would just cut most of it then use the trimmers to finish so I didn't clog said trimmers with doggy hair... well, the trimmers weren't that good and I don't think I will find a good pair any time soon. Here's to hoping in grows in soon.
--- 7 ---
I like to imagine Lucy will want to be in sports. Our preference is soccer. It's a good sport for team work and we like watching it, so we won't be bored sitting there for hours... I should stock up on sunblock now. 

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  1. Man the worst part of construction is when they decide 7am on Saturday is a good time to work outside and wake me up!! That link was really good and i'm really bad about doing all those things!

  2. I've noticed!! I've been staying up watching the Olympics every night. SUch a terrible idea when you get up early the next day! Am I going to be seeing soccer mom posts in your future?? :)

  3. Not sure if this would be an issue for you, but soccer season basically never ends and they always play at like 7am every single weekend. When I was a kid, my best friend's little brother was in soccer and it was crazy!


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