Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Quick Takes #4

--- 1 ---
I've caught up on all my back logged DVR television.  I didn't think it was possible, but being home with a newborn still allows me some tv time. 
--- 2 ---
Breastfeeding got way easier.  Surprisingly, we are able to feed without the nipple shield now. I still think that thing is the best invention for new moms. I know some women have to use them as long as they breastfeed and I support them fully. I was honestly shocked when Lucy figured it out on her own one day.

--- 3 ---
We took our own "Newborn" photos. Lucy was about 2 weeks old when we finally got around to it. Dustin took most of the photos. My friend Jess lent us the hats for the shoot. Click her name to see all the cool stuff she makes and sells at Etsy. It went okay for a self session.  I didn't know all the tricks for taking newborn photos.  Turns out there are lots of ways to get the baby to pose adorably, but frankly I was too exhausted to do all the research.

--- 4 ---
These are the photos we ordered. Adorable? I think yes.

--- 5 ---

We were approved for WIC today. It is going to be so valuable to us.  I have always had food issues. One of my biggest issues is eating the wrong foods (sugary, fatty, fast foods) so having GOOD food readily available is going to make it so much easier to eat healthy.   If you aren't familiar with WIC here is a link.
--- 6 ---

I still haven't gotten the hang of "sleep when they sleep."  Lucy takes a lot of naps, but I like to get a few things done during her morning sleep session. By the time I'm ready to crash around 4:30 she takes a sort of half nap that she makes a lot of cooing noises and stirs during. Well, I cannot sleep when she does that! No nap for momma.

--- 7 ---
Dustin just got a promotion at work. Praise the Lord. We've been praying and working for this for a long time. It offers better pay, better and less expensive benefits, a new daytime schedule, and a longer lunch break so he can come home and visit with us. I'm so thankful for everyone's prayers for him. We are so happy God has provided us with more security in knowing that me being home is part of His plan. 
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  1. Sounds like so many blessings in your life right now! Your daughter is adorable! Congratulations!

  2. Awww beautiful picture! And congratulations to your husband! :)

  3. Cute picture! Look at those little lips, so cute!


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