Saturday, February 4, 2012

The one where Planned Parenthood and Komen cause dustin to lose his mind

You may have seen the big prolife news earlier this week: Susan G. Komen dropped funding for Planned Parenthood. While the victory was short-lived (Susan G. Komen reversed its decision), it was enjoyable while it lasted.

Enjoyable might not be the best word to use. Yes, I was thrilled by their original decision, but outraged by Planned Parenthood and their supporters. Those people sounded off, so angered by the fact that someone would actually decide not to donate to them.

There was a "how dare they" attitude that those pro-abortion people had, and it truly boggles my mind. Planned Parenthood does not actually help people with breast cancer. They merely refer them to other places while giving women information on breast cancer. They don't do mammograms. Why should money donated to an organization that focuses on breast cancer be sent to an organization that focuses on abortion?

I had sent Komen a letter of support on Tuesday night, but apparently I should have waited, as my words don't seem to apply anymore. Speaking of words, I had to really resist the temptation to tweet what I REALLY thought of Planned Parenthood. I don't think saying, "F*** you Planned Parenthood" would have been the Christian thing to do, but every time I see PP president Cecille Richards, I want to run into a damn brick wall.

Her quote in regards to the Obama administration's move to force religious institutions to provide contraceptives was especially maddening.

“Planned Parenthood respects religious freedom and believes that neither government nor employers should intrude on individuals’ ability to practice their own religions or faiths, including their personal decisions about health care,” Richards said.

Yeah, I'd like to see her quote if the government forced Planned Parenthood to fund something they didn't side with morally.

I don't think I'm out of line at all to compare her to a terrorist: After all, she heads a multi-million dollar company whose primary goal is abortion. There's no way in Hell I'd ever give that company my support, or back down from that thought.

This brings up a bigger question though: Am I a hypocrite for not wanting to support Susan G. Komen if I purchase products from other companies that do support PP? (Answer: a painful yes). If I were to truly boycott every company that supported Planned Parenthood, I'd have my work cut out for me. For example, here's what I'd give up.

• Girl Scouts Inc. (no more cookies)
• Adobe (no more InDesign or Photoshop, two programs I use heavily for design)
• Ebay (goodbye cheap baby clothes)
• Walt Disney (goodbye ABC, ESPN, and my beloved movies)
• My employer, who will match donations by employees to Planned Parenthood (my job!)

Clearly, if you were to boycott every company that supported every company you were morally opposed to, you'd almost have to live as a hermit. That said, even if I do support companies that give their money to Planned Parenthood, I can let those companies know that I'd give them even more business if they dropped PP funding.

Of course, if we can just get rid of PP, then I would have one less thing to worry about.

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  1. My cousin texted me a few weeks ago and asked me to buy some girl scout cookies. I actually felt guilty for buying them (and not because of the amount of gluttony that will occur after I get them)!
    This past week with Komen vs. PP has really disheartened me. To see people that I respect and love posting pictures on fb stating they stand in unity with PP just broke my heart.
    And then add in the Obama administration and their new brilliant idea for health care (*rolls eyes*) and I'm just feeling defeated.
    God has some big work to do!


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