Saturday, November 26, 2011

My crazy list of 53 things I'm thankful for

It's so cliche to name things you're thankful for. Chances are, you went around the table on Thanksgiving and said what you were thankful for. And if you don't immediately say family and friends and God and Jesus and health, then you are a selfish person who is extremely shallow and not grateful for anything.

Yeah, I'm shallow. So my list isn't going to list any of that. Besides, if you really need to find your name in a list to validate that I care about you, then we need to talk about your low self-esteem.

So here is my first annual list of things I'm thankful for. In no particular order.

1. 2-liter Sodas costing less per ounce than 20 oz bottles.
2. Those 10/$10 grocery store sales
3. Pineapple
4. Jars of Clay
5. Finishing Super Mario Bros. 3 earlier this year without using a warp whistle.
6. Feeling my kid kick in the womb
7. Minute Rice
8. Southwest chipotle Sauce at Subway
9. Full House reruns
10. The dog not using the bathroom inside the house
11. Chocolate
12. Leaves
13. Chocolate leaves
14. Picture frames
15. Records that play without skipping
16. My external hard drive still working
17. My job letting me listen to my iPhone
18. My iphone
19. CM Punk winning the WWE title twice this year
20. BBQ sauce
21. Not getting the LOGO channel
22. The TV show Mass Confusion
23. Fr. Dave Dwyer's laugh
24. My wife's red hair.
25. The music of Chicago
26. Entertaining TV commercials
27. The mail slot on the door
28. Dryer balls
29. Plucking that really long nose hair and not sneezing
30. Jack Black tearing up the demerit list on School of Rock
31. Scoring a centipede trackball on ebay for $12
32. Not getting a bad ebay review
33. Alka Seltzer
34. Black and White Mickey Mouse cartoons
35. Being on the last stage of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
36. Finishing Final Fantasy VII with ALL sidequests completed in less than 80 hours
37. The CatholicTV app
38. Not throwing up on the Mission Space Orange ride at Epcot on my honeymoon
39. Making a 24-hour car trip in 20 hours without stopping for more than two hours
40. Eminem's Recovery Album
41. Turning on the radio and not hearing Bruno Mars
42. Being straight-edge
43. Being able to pray for a red-haired child
44. Garageband
45. Fr.Leo Patalinghug's cookbook
46. Febreze
47. Clean underwear
48. The framed John Ritter autograph hanging up by my computer
49. Designing the Newman Bulletin each week.
50. The Optima Font
51. And the GilSans one too
52. The Can't Get Arrested web series
53. OK, and my wife Allicia, our healthy unborn Lucy, my family, friends (IRL and Twitter ones) and our dog Pixie.


  1. Though it may be implied in #41, here's one you forgot:

    54. Lino (and Fr. Rob and the rest of TCGS crew)

    But seriously, great list!


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