Monday, November 21, 2011

Middle Name Game

I've always know I wanted to name a daughter Lucy, but now I'm struggling with a good middle name for our little gummibear.  I could use your help!

I've listed a bunch of names we've been throwing around and I'd love to get some input. Please feel free to share what you think.  Do you know someone with one of the names and they are awesome(or horrible?)  How about if you think the name sounds right sandwiched between the two permanent choices?

I think I just need an outside perspective.  

Potential Middle Names for Lucy ________ Faber

Amelia (one of my favs, also belongs to Cousin of hubby and MIL's middle name)
Hartley (originally a guys name, shows up several times on my mothers side)
Virginia (a grandmother)
Helen (a grandmother)
Faith (my mothers name)
Elizabeth (a grandmother)
Also taking new suggestions if you think of something adorable!


  1. Anne - it's my middle name and I LOVE it. So classically Catholic and goes really well.

  2. I'm with Sarah on this. Either Lucy Anne or Lucy Amelia. :)

  3. I think it should be Anne but like Sarah that is also my middle name hahaha the only bad thing with that middle name is that people will spell it wrong ALL HER LIFE!! My name is Elizabeth Anne but I go by Beth Anne and people have spelt my name wrong my whole life. It drives me crazy when they leave off the E...I think I just have issues lol

  4. I like how Lucy Anne sounds best, but I think you should go with one of your 2 favorites. That being said, in my humble opinion, Lucy Hartley is a little tough to say. I think it is because they both end in "y". I'd save that for baby #2 and go with Lucy Amelia. Lucy Elizabeth and Lucy Catherine are very classic and beautiful and of course we like Lucy Virginia (we have Ruby Virginia). Sorry, Faith, but I'd stay away from Faith this time since it could sound like "losing faith" when said quickly. :)

  5. I'm worried about the two Y's in the name too, Amy. I think Anne is too short to go with another 4 letter name. I've been leaning to Hartley, Amelia, and Virginia. I like the name Faith, but it doesn't really flow with Lucy. Amelia was a favorite, when I married dustin though it became a duplication issue (although the Fieldings don't seem to mind that) and I love Hartley but it seems awkward to say Lucy Hartley.


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