Friday, November 4, 2011

Baby update: Successful ultrasound

"The ultrasound can't detect everything," the doctor said. "We can only tell you that the baby appears healthy based on what we see."

That's a slight paraphrase, but it's what Dr. Beardface told us Thursday morning when we went in for another ultrasound. Our little gummy bear Lucy is a little over 22 weeks old, and to try to keep things simple, only has two "vents" on the umbilical cord. Normally a baby has three: two to deliver nutrients, and one to remove waste. However, since the cord only has one cashier open to take food orders, the doctor wanted an ultrasound to make sure the baby was growing the way it should.

Does that sound normal and uncomplicated to you? Good...cause to Allicia and I, it was a cause to panic! Just a few days ago, we were told the baby was fine. And now they want to do another ultrasound? Did they think of something that could be wrong? Most of my mind knew that everything would be fine, but that one percent was panicking (ok, more like 33 percent) and praying that our baby would be fine.

You can't take this for granted, especially after so many of our friends have experienced miscarriages.

I suppose the worry now is just practice for when the kid is running around without a bubble surrounding her. Oh, and we got further confirmation that the baby is a girl.

Which is fine with me. I think I'd be upset if it was a boy now, what with all the wonderful clothing we've already received for Lucy.

Thank everyone for their prayers.


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