Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Quick Takes #2

--- 1 ---

I'm so happy this week is over. It seems like this week took a long time to get through itself.

--- 2 ---
We went for an ultrasound this week. Got to see the baby!  The technician told us it looks like a girl.  Like a good southern lady the baby had her legs closed together most of the time. 

--- 3 ---
Hubby is a bit disappointed the baby isn't a boy. I think all men secretly want a son. I know dustin will be over the moon when he meets his daughter, but until then, he's probably hoping the technician was wrong.

--- 4 ---

We've had two friends (two families) go through miscarriages in the last few weeks. I am working on a blog post about this specifically, but in the mean time, I'd ask all of you to pray for the Miller and Willits families.

--- 5 ---
I'm still without a car after last weeks accident. The bruise across my chest from the seat belt is fading and the soreness in my shoulder has mostly gone away. We're still waiting for the insurance to review a discrepancy. 
--- 6 ---

I would like to vent here about the hours a day I spend on hold with insurance companies.  However, out of respect for my workplace I won't do it. Just know, I would like to say not nice things.
--- 7 ---
 It is my godson's birthday party this weekend. He is really cute. I have no idea what to get him for a gift, and he'll be 3 so he has no real concept of money... If you see me at ToysRus tomorrow looking confused please point me in the direction of guns, trains, or crayons!

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