Thursday, October 27, 2011

baby update

We saw the baby doctor yesterday to go over the results of our ultrasound done two weeks ago.  We were informed the baby has only a two vessel umbilical cord and were told not to worry.  I was totally cool with the diagnosis. The Nurse Midwife we saw at our appointment yesterday said it was never usually discovered until birth. We'd do a few extra ultrasounds starting in about 8 weeks and I'd have to sit through a few non-stress tests.  Measurements were good. Weight gain/loss on track.  Heartbeat (love hearing that) was great at 160ish.  See ya in 6 weeks.

No big deal. I wasn't worried.

Then, the secretary calls from my OBGYN's office and says that the doctor would like an ultrasound (yes, I tell her in 8 weeks, I was aware) actually- he wants one next week. A fetal echocardiogram. Basically meaning he wants to double check the baby's heart is working properly. (I work in a medical office we do echocardiograms on adults all the time) ...

Now I'm a little worried. I know I shouldn't be, but this is my BABY we are talking about here. How am I not supposed to worry.

All the evidence points to a very normal abnormality with little to no complications. A link here for some reassurance

I suppose if we lived in the time when ultrasounds were rare, and shoddy quality at best, it wouldn't be a factor. I wouldn't know this information, would deliver a normal healthy baby, and then the doctor would exclaim that the umbilical cord was different than most others. But man, this is throwing me for a nicely placed loop. 


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