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Your Catholic Weekend Guide No. 2

Many web sites, to prove their usefulness, offer guides on how to live your life, win at your favorite football game, or how to make those little paper ducks. We at want to guide you as well, so we bring you the Catholic Weekend Guide, your guide to making the most out of your Friday to Sunday.

One of the things I've heard about during a pregnancy is the fact that men put on sympathy weight. I didn't go out of my way to do this, but I admit I do look a little pudgy. Apparently I'm not the only one who notices. The other day at work, one of the guys who sits near me rolled his chair over to my cubicle, leans over and says, "You getting a little fat man," while pointing at my stomach.

He laughed and blamed it on my wife's pregnancy. What the heck???? If I had rolled over to any woman's desk and said, "Hey you're packing on a few pounds," I'd be hauled into HR. Yet a person I vaguely know can roll over to my desk and point out weight gain without any fear.

We live in a very sexist country to allow this behavior to flourish! I demand change! Come to think of it, I could have reported him. But I didn't. Instead I helped him change a flat tire. I'm so humble and awesome.

Movie in theaters with positive Christian overtones
Machine Gun Preacher
Rated R for a bunch of stuff blowing up, someone having non-Church approved sex, and some language your grandmother would never say. Opens in limited release on Friday.
I'm not sure what kind of rating the USCCB will give this film. Probably an L or O from the looks of it. But I heard Gerard Butler on Howard Stern's show a few days ago, and it sounded like a movie filled with redemption. Guy turns from his previous life of sin and dedicates his days to helping rebuild homes in East Africa, and defends the lives of children.

Based on a true story, it seems like an action movie that has a lot of heart and good character to accompany the violence. And that's always something nice for a movie to contain.

Movie on TV this weekend with positive Christian overtones
Cape Fear (1961) (3:30 a.m. ET on AMC)
USCCB gives this an AIII rating (Adults). How can you not love this film? It's Gregory Peck playing a lawyer! And it's on during the middle of the night, a perfect chance to frighten you.

Actually, this film shows the value of the sacrament of marriage! A man defending his wife against a sadistic convict trying to get revenge on the man who put him in jail. Watch this movie with your wives, and tell them you love them the way Peck loves his wife. Bonus points guaranteed.

My Catholic Football Predictions
Please don't use this information to place bets. If I could get rich based on these predictions, I wouldn't work customer service as a day job.
• Boston College over Massachusetts. (If BC doesn't win by 21, it signifies a failed season)
• Pittsburgh over Notre Dame (Notre Dame is too fluky to win two big games in a row)
• Duquesne over St. Francis (with all due respect to our saints, schools named specifically after saints do not win games)
• Fordham over Rhode Island (Dylan Smith, Rhode Island's kicker, was perfect on extra points in high school. Now a freshman, he's going to break down at the last second!)
• Holy Cross over New Hampshire (New Hampshire is lame!)
Last week's record: 4-1
Season record: 4-1

Beautiful Catholic Church you should drive a few hours to visit
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Jonesboro, AR

Located in the city of churches, Blessed Sacrament features a really long driveway you have to traverse to find a parking spot. Maybe the drive is longer in my head, but I remember thinking that it was a nuisance. Anyways, when you go inside though, its not all out amazing, but the soft brown color palette leaves you feeling peaceful. I felt like I was in a very calming building, and for a church to give off a vibe of comfort, that's always something to write home about.

I was there for a quick confession in 2009, and the priest couldn've been nicer. Great place to get forgiveness.

Sadly, their web site needs some help. Three frames on the bottom. Ugh!!

Best Catholic blog to read on the toilet
I'll man up and admit it: I do a lot of reading on the toilet. Mostly Sports Illustrated and those interesting Yahoo! feature stories on the front page. But lately, I need to get more Catholicism in my life, on and off the pot.

This week's pick goes to NunBlog, written by Sister Anne in Chicago. I first noticed Sister Anne's work on Twitter, where her clever haikus always brought a smile to my face (one reads, "Christ left you a share // of his cross that you can bear // for his Body's sake."). I really enjoy the blog because it gives me a glimpse into what life is like for a religious sister in today's planet earth.

From the lighthearted moments, such as ironing shirts, to dealing with a fellow nun's death, Sister Anne breathes freshness into my blog reading. If every religious community had a blogger as skilled as her, The Church would be much better off.

What Your Priest Won't Tell You This Weekend

I'm no theologian. But if I was given this week's Gospel reading, here's what I'd tell my congregation, in an extremely short but poignant Homily. Which means that your priest will probably tell you something different and probably better. Oh, and this week's Gospel reading comes from Matthew 21:28-32.

A man has two sons. One of them pays lip service to his father, tells him he's going to do something then doesn't do it. The other refuses to work, but changes his mind. Jesus goes on to say that the son who changed his mind was the one who did God's will, and reminded his followers that tax collectors and prostitutes will get into heaven ahead of the hypocrites.

It's a reminder to me that no matter how much I try to pat myself on the back and brag to God about the good things I do for him, it's useless if I don't repent. If I don't have the right heart and mindset, none of my good deeds are worth anything to God.

It's the people who truly repent of their sins, who seek God before anything else, that will get in. The passage also shows God's forgiveness at work: even the worst in society can get into heaven if they truly believe.

Work on your heart first. Then start doing God's work.

I found a Catholic on Youtube!
It's hard to believe sometimes, but there are Catholics that have embraced Youtube! Each week we scour Youtube to find a real Catholic who believes in the video format and share their goodness with other children of God. Here's this week's find!

Here we see a bunch of Franciscans organizing a flash mob and taking the Eucharist. The body and blood of Jesus mixing it up with Youtube fads! Amazing!

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