Thursday, July 7, 2011

Expecting! Allicia's account

Well, as dustin just filled in. We are expecting. A baby is on the way.  We've got lots of time until the fun parts when there are ultrasound pictures and gender... for now though, I thought I'd share my part of the story.  I am so proud of dustin for being open and honest about his feelings. It is only fair that I share some of my feelings on the subject.

Firstly, We started using a form of Natural Family Planning called The Creighton Model so we'd been tracking when "baby making" would be advisable or avoidable for post wedding planning.  The great thing about this is that God is involved in the decision more presently than with other methods of avoiding pregnancy.  Another wonderful thing is that we can change our minds any month. 

Going into our wedding night/honeymoon we knew there was a chance we could conceive.  We had put the final call in God's hands.  If we were supposed to have a baby this soon into our marriage he would take the small chance we had given him and create a life, otherwise, we would wait 6 months to a year before starting.  If you think about it, really, it is quite amazing anyone EVER gets pregnant. Imagine all the couples suffering infertility, and we conceived on the last day possible for that cycle. WOW. 

Because I am incredibly impatient I did take a home pregnancy test two weeks after the wedding with negative results (a rookie mistake frankly, knowing the HCG levels would likely not be high enough for a positive result. I told myself I would recheck later if Mother Nature didn't visit on schedule)

My next few cues were a bit off.  I had a light "cycle" followed by some cramping for the next few weeks. Cramping for me is normal especially going in to what I thought would be ovulation.  It is easy to misread symptoms when you know what you are expecting to see and what you actually see nearly fits.  I was under the ipression things were moving along and we agreed to wait until October to start trying to conceive.  

As the weeks post wedding flew by we took a roadtrip to see dustin's family in Arkansas.  I just adore his family.  I fully expected a visit from Mother Nature while in Arkansas and thusly stopped at Target for supplies.

Expected Day #1 passed, Day #2 and I told my hubby it was odd that I was late, but chalked it up to the stress of travel, Day #3 and I started not feeling well, thought it was the heat, maybe even the wonderful food we've been eating all week. Thinking back I had been a pretty picky eater all week.  By saturday (almost a week late by the way) I really was feeling sick in the mornings, Mom offered me milk with breakfast and I almost went running to the restroom!

There was no way I was spending any money on a pregnancy test when I had some at home, so we spent the next 20 hours in the car wondering if we were going to be parents....

to be continued when I get another break at work!


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