Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Useless or Brilliant?

If you are anything like me you take a million pictures.  Years ago we all got negatives back with our photos (when we used film back in the dinosaur age) and never had anything to do with them.
Now, when we get photos from online services like shutterfly they send an index of all your prints.  These are tiny copies of your photos so you know what is in that pile of photos.  
Throwing them away is the usual though, but i offer a better idea... follow along below as I blow your mind with an easy project that will put an end to the question "What in the world are you to do with these teensy little photos?"

exibit A: Tiny copies of your photo prints you can never find a real use for
now, any good Mom or Crafter should have a stash of sticky magnets, whether they be full sheets, business card sized or the strip size.  These come in handy for so many things (my favorite being kiddy thank you cards.)  Today's adventure can be used with any size magnets with an adhesive backing on one side.

Step 1: cut magnets to fit the back of your photos... If using magnet strips you can skip this step
Step 2: remove adhesive on magnet and attach sticky side to the BACK SIDE of your photo index (you won't want to use the part of the index that has shipping info or blank areas just cut that off ahead of time)
Step 3:  cut along the outside border of each index photo. This will create tiny photo magnets much like the refrigerator poetry collections you can arrange and create on any metal surface. 

 I now have tiny sized fridge magnets that are perfect for holding notices tight to the fridge. I've even placed a collection of them alone on the Wine Fridge in the dining room and it it adorable!

Have fun!


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