Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Emergency Contact

In case you weren't aware, I work in a medical office. Everyday I hand people forms to fill out. One of these forms asks for the name and phone number of someone who should be called in case of an emergency while at our office.  If you pass out, we want to know who to send frantically to the hospital to meet you. 

 Currently, I list my parents. My mother because she has always cared for me, and my father because doctors like other doctors. If I were in an emergency I want the M.D. after his name in the same room as the intern taking care of me at the underfunded hospital.  They've always been there to take care of me, raise me, teach me when to call 911, why wouldn't they be who I have wanted to rely on in an emergent situation. 

While inputting this vital information just the other day for something like the 400th time this year, something dawned on me... In 38 days, I will forever change my response to that blank line. Until last week I hadn't given much thought to how getting married would affect this part of my life.  Sure, I'd have to fill out a marriage license, eventually be on the same health insurance plan, fold his socks, make sure not to eat the last piece of cake without checking first.  But this is a new concept.

By marrying this man I am not only entrusting my heart to him metophorically, but now medically as well. This is the person who will be called if I'm sick or unresponsive after an accident.  He is the one who will drive me to the emergency room and tell the doctors what medications I am taking regularly. 

Thank God, for sending me someone to take on as a partner.  Thank you God for giving me someone to trust as my new next of kin, because that is what dustin will be. On May 14th we are saying that we take eachother as a new branch of our families.  We are each other's better half. 

 "A man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife" that is some big stuff.  Just think on that for a second.

It is a milestone to be moving from a child to an adult, it takes a whole lot of steps to get to that place.  This is one of them. Now, not only will dustin be taking me as his wife, but in the same I take his as my husband. I become his next of kin.

I pray for the guidance and the grace to know what he needs now and in the future.  I am not just responsible for myself any longer.  I will be part of a set. One of a pair. I am entrusted by the Lord, our families, and our faith to care for his well being.  His well being is MY well being. 

Marriage is way bigger than an "I do" and a few gold bands.  I'm ready for this adventure.


  1. I love this!!! I also get excited about the "little" things, because they really are not so little when you really think about it, as you did in this post.

    If you ever want to gush about wedding stuff, I'm here, getting married about a month after you guys :-)


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