Friday, January 28, 2011

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Invitations are done. D-O-N-E... well except for the two people I don't have addresses for. I've managed to address the majority of the envelopes using the computer (no hand cramping!). I have successfully drained every drop of black ink from my printer.

The invites are an off white card stock basic kit but with my clever craftiness I have transformed them into an adorable colorful expression of our happy occasion.  The reply cards are going to serve double duty.  I have asked each family to write a note or draw a picture for us on the back of the card. I will be making a book out of them post wedding, but some of the favorites might just make it into the reception decorations.

The guest list manages to be my biggest downfall at this point. I want to share this special day with everyone we love, it has been tricky for me to chop the ax on names. (if fact we haven't really chopped too many) I am trying to decide the best layout for our location, it is a two story barn with a great outdoor space.

The centerpieces have all been made. I am using a variety of clear vases and candle holders with a mix of ribbons in hopes of creating a laid back, relaxing, family oriented atmosphere.  My true hope for the event is that everyone will have a great time, feel relaxed, and enjoy themselves.

Kids are a big part of our lives, we plan on having special activities for the kids to enjoy during the reception.  There is a play park across the driveway from our reception location.  There is two horseshoe pits and a volleyball court in the outdoor space at the Barn. 

I'm off now to pick up my wedding dress from being altered... gotta get that bustle so I can dance in my dress.  I am really looking forward to sharing a dance with my *husband* !

Peace and Blessings to you all,
Love, Allicia

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  1. Good for you! And what a cute idea on the RSVPs. :)


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