Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big week in wedding planning

We are now less than 4 months from the big day! Wow! Time really flies.
Lots of thing have happened since our last post. Most of tem happened in th last 10 days.

1. Pre Marital Counseling, Aldo known as Pre-Cana (yes, like the wedding feast where Jesus performed his first public miracle) we met with Bud and Betty our mentor couple. Thy have been married longer than my parents have been alive! They were so impressed with the way we met and our excitement for The Catholic Channel they wrote down the information to share with other young couples to enjoy!

2. Cake Testing! Oh my goodness, soooooooooooo yummy! A friend has offered to pay for the wedding cake (amazingly sweet of her) so we took her along to the tasting at Dingledein's Bakery in New Cumberland,Pa. They make the most amazing Boston Creme Donuts, and my dd was dying for the wedding cake to be from there and luckily his wish has been granted. We would have gotten some sheet cakes from costco for the cake which still would jaw been super tasty, but not as much customization and delivery/setup would be on us.

3.Florist. I had a meeting with the New Cumberland Olde Town Florist before Thanksgiving. I was eagerly awaiting the proposal. I had met with a chain florist a few months back and would have to sell a limb to pay for them! As I had been praying, the new cumberland florist quoits came in at an Oh So Reasonable rate. I just came back from signing the contract and putting in the deposit.


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