Sunday, August 15, 2010


I've always heard that marriage is a perpetual sacrifice. You gotta give up this, you gotta give up that.

No problem. If being with the woman of my dreams means I have to give up a life of doing whatever I want , hey I'm all in. No more trying to find a date and having sex without guilty feelings makes it worth it.

But then it started to sink in after I got engaged. Things are really going to change!

For instance, I'm a huge video game nerd (check out if you don't believe me). I love to go shopping for old games, sometimes spending $15-$20 on old NES or SEGA games that I could easily download for half the price on the Wii virtual console. But I like the nostalgia of a cartridge, so I go do that.

When I get married? Sure I can still do that, but I'll have to check with our budget beforehand. Just to make sure we aren't spending money we don't have.

Or those Saturdays when I get to laze around the house and do absolutely nothing. Sure when I get married, there will be chances to be lazy and relax. But with two people in the same home,  the place gets cluttered easier. Dishes need to be washed, furniture needs to be dusted. God forbid someone comes to the Faber home and thinks we're lazy, dirty bums.

So that lazy saturday I enjoy three times a month? Goodbye, and hello lazy Saturday once every six months.

No more sole ownership of the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or television. No more doing things whenever I want without running it by anyone.

No more freedom!!! Talk about a sacrifice! That's more than I ever thought of when marriage first crossed my mind.

But ya know what? Maybe freedom (in a bachelor lifestyle kinda way) is overrated. Sure I don't get to do whatever I want whenever I want. But is that what I really want for the next 40 years? I say no.

True, the loss of some personal space will be sad. But just look at everything I gain. Someone to talk to each day. Someone to share the innermost thoughts that I'd never share with anyone else. Someone to eat dinner with, watch Revs games with, someone to play Duck Hunt with.

I get more freedom with the restrictions of marriage than I ever would sitting on the couch alone in my underwear watching Scrubs reruns while the laundry just piles up. Though I'll change and give up things that I love, the payoff will be worth it knowing that the most amazing person in the world is willing to be with me for the rest of her life.

Oh, and that other perk of marriage? Not having to clean the apartment by myself.


  1. But, I also enjoy sitting on the couch in my underwear watching Scrubs reruns while the laundry just piles up.

  2. Remember, we have to some stupid thing called growing up. I call for sitting in our underwear watching Scrubs reruns while the laundry machine is spinning :)


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