Thursday, August 12, 2010

Normal Anxiety, right?

So I had a horrible night of sleep last evening. I should start by saying I have been exhausted for the past few days and my darling fiance convinced me a nap was in order (not a hard fight of course) I took to my nap around 6pm. Darling fiance called me during my nap to tell me Lino Rulli was discussing something important on The Catholic Guy Show XM117-Sirius159 (I was half asleep and can only remember Lino was talking about Man-gagement rings.)

Instead of getting up at 8 and doing some work around the house I just fell back asleep for the rest of the night. I will now tell you all about the ridiculously odd dreams I had about our upcoming wedding.

1. Father Jim Chern (our beloved priest and friend) who we are praying and praying and praying can perform our wedding mass called to tell dustin he is unable to do the wedding in May or June. Fr. Jim was telling dustin(in my dream) that he could ONLY do the wedding in February. Fine, no biggie...except I was terrified we wouldn't have enough time to complete the pre-cana work generally required by the church in order to be allowed to marry. I was so worried we would have everything set up and not be approved to get married. I just couldn't imagine Fr. Jim doing this to us. I know Fr. Jim would prefer we take longer to get married and get to know each other more before the wedding -so moving the date up to February made no sense at all.

2. dustin's mom offered to pay for the whole wedding... not too scary, except she also REFUSED to go to the reception! I was crying and begging her to come. The whole family on his side was not going to come. I was so distraught I told his sister she could come in a tank-top as long as she would be there. I was telling them that our family wasn't perfect, we are sarcastic and have water balloon fights.

3. We were taking photos and had to use a movie poster being projected as the backdrop. Also, there was a drumset and my dad started playing while we were supposed to be taking these photos. My dad doesn't play the drums... Another set appeared and dustin's family started playing too. The photos got canned so the families could have a jam session.

I have a sneaky suspicion this will not be the last time I have dreams about the wedding and reception going awry. I am confident though that dustin and I will get married and it will be wonderful saying "I do" no matter what the rest of the day holds.

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  1. It's totally normal. And they do go away. But the closer it gets, the more they come back... Don't worry, it'll all work out just fine :)


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